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Remedy Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, LLC

Remedy Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, LLC is one of the leading plumbing companies through Laurel, MD and the surrounding areas. We are committed to our clients’ satisfaction, project safety, reduced project cost, and schedule performance. We achieve this with valued engineering based on experience, understanding customer requirements, expectations, and the development of a team from the initial project scope. A few of our popular services include drain cleaning, main line sewer drain line, and sewere services. Other local services are: 

Kitchen Drain
Bathtub Drain
Shower Drain
Outside Drain

We have an extensive background in providing thorough plumbing project planning, total quality management, and, above all, teamwork with our clients. With this knowledge base, we achieve safe and high successful completion rates with our clients. Schedule us today for any type of laundry drain, floor drain, or any type of drain services.